Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Going to the Dogs...essential oils for canine comfort

"Sophie Selfie" photograph by KL Wood
Exciting news around our house! We have recently adopted a rescued seven month old female, wirehaired terrier mix. Nine pounds of love, joy, and some emotional baggage. She was brought to the Humane Society by an Animal Cruelty Officer from a home in which another dog had died of starvation while bound to a short rope. Heartbreaking. We have named her Sophie and are amazed at her intelligence and rapid adjustment to our family. She does, of course, have some fears that we are working through together so I thought I'd check on essential oil use for canine anxiety. 

It is important to remember that dogs react, physically and emotionally, differently to some oils than do we. So what's good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the gander...or what's good for Kate isn't necessarily good for Sophie! And the information here is only for dogs. Not for cats. Felines respond differently than canines and can have fatal reactions to things that are just fine for dogs. Instead of listing oils that are not safe for dogs, I am going to give you some recipes that are helpful for them. (If you're like me, you might remember the good and the bad but not recall which was which!)

With all of these recipes: Never spray near eyes, nose, or mouth and if your dog doesn't like it, don't use it! The good thing about all of these mixtures is that they all smell lovely and have similar
"Sophie with her New Grandma" photograph by KL Wood
therapeutic properties for us humans.

For General Anxiety:
Mix these essential oils-
5-10 drops of Lavender and
5-10 drops of Roman Chamomile into
10 ounces of purified water
Pour into a spray bottle and lightly mist over your dog's coat.

For Hyper Sound Sensitivity:
Add any of these essential oils to your home diffuser-

For Separation Anxiety:
Add these essential oils to your home diffuser-
"Happy Tail Wagging" photograph by KL Wood
8-10 drops of Sweet Orange and
4-5 drops of Lavender and
4-6 drops of Ylang Ylang

For YOU! For Odiferous Dogs:
Mix these essential oils-
10 drops of Lavender and
 6 drops of Sweet Orange and
 6 drops of Peppermint and
 3 drops of Eucalyptus into
 8 ounces of purified water
Pour into spray bottle and lightly mist over your dog's coat.

When buying essential oils, always buy the highest quality. You really do get what you pay for and you don't want to use oils that may be diluted with products unsafe for use with your dear pups. (Speaking of pups, wait until your puppy is older than 10 weeks to use the oils.)

"All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small..." are deserving of our love and care.

Have a good couple weeks, dear Reader. Thanks for stopping by...y'all come back now! 

Kate (and Sophie Rose)


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Allergies...essential oils to the rescue

To quote Nanki Poo in Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado:
"Pink Azaleas" photo by KL Wood

"Fresh Cut Lavender Flowers" by Lexipexi via Wikimedia Commons
"Lemons" by By Zeynel Cebeci  via Wikimedia Commons
"The flowers that bloom in the spring,
Tra la,

Breathe promise of merry sunshine..."

But for some of us, the flowers that bloom in the spring (tra la) breathe promise of runny noses, itchy eyes, and headaches. There are several essential oils that can bring relief to these less-than-welcome signs of spring. Three of the most popular and effective are:

A natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory. It also has the added bonus of cleansing the air and relaxing mind and body.

A natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory. Helps relieve excess mucus and its fresh, citrus scent is uplifting. (Lemon can add to photosensitivity so go sparingly if you are going out into the sunlight.)

An anti-inflammatory that helps open breathing passages. Its fragrance is energizing.

"Peppermint Plant" by By Gürkan Sengün  via Wikimedia Commons
These three are great individually and fantastic when combined with each other. Diffuse them in a home essential oil diffuser, mix them with a carrier oil of your choice (such as jojoba) or lotion and massage into your skin, add a few drops to your soaking bath, place drops on a cotton ball and inhale, mix with carrier oil in a roller ball bottle and apply to temples, back of neck, and pulse points.

So go out, breathe in Spring, (and carry an essential oil roller ball with you!)

Have a good couple weeks, dear Reader. Thanks for stopping by...y'all come back now! (Tra la!)

(As always: this post is for information only for adult use and does not replace medical advice. Тest out an oil first by placing a small diluted amount on your arm as a patch test. In particular, those who are or could be pregnant should always refer to their physicians before using any essential oils.)