Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Are You Red or Blue?...there's an essential oil for that

"Red and Blue" by Mattes (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
It's presidential election convention time again and in this heated political season, many Americans are feeling Red or Blue...that is Republican or Democrat. (Of course there are a fair number of Purples who are still undecided but that's for another day.) Are there any red or blue essential oils to help us through this tumultuous chapter in our democracy? Of course! There is one for each political hue so read all about them here and if you're feeling Purple, maybe this will help you decide. I've heard worse decision-making methods lately!

Red: Jasmine

The absolute extracted from the Jasmine flower is bright red with a warm, deeply floral
"Jasmine Flower" via Wikimedia Commons
fragrance. Originating in Egypt, it's been famous for its use in perfumes all the way back to the days of Cleopatra as she floated down the Nile on her scented barge. In addition to its widely used aphrodisiac qualities that heat up your love life, Jasmine is known for the following properties: 

Cicatrisant (helps heal scars)
Emmenagogue (helps relieve menstrual symptoms)
Uterine (helps increase contractions in labor)

Fun Factoid: It takes about 2000 Jasmine flowers per pound of oil.

Blue: German Chamomile

"Honeybee on German Chamomile" by Schizoschaf (Own work)
Like its color, Blue Chamomile with its herbaceous apple-like fragrance, is known most of all for its calming properties. Originating in Nepal (not Germany,) it is a member of the daisy family. There are other types of Chamomile but it's the German variety that produces a beautiful deep blue color when distilled. Here are its properties:

Sleep aid
Digestive aid (think Chamomile Tea)
Skin irritant aid (helps acne, eczema, rashes)

Fun Factoid: It take 100 pounds of German Chamomile flowers per pound of oil.

Red? Blue? Republican? Democrat? Jasmine? German Chamomile? The choice is yours!
As far as my husband and I are concerned, we've decided to start our own movement. The "Cooler Heads!" No matter which you choose, may Cooler Heads prevail! (Just put some thought into your choices, no matter what they be.) 

Have a good couple weeks, dear Reader. Thanks for stopping by...y'all come back now!

(As always: this post is for information only for adult use and does not replace medical advice. Тest out an oil first by placing a small diluted amount on your arm as a patch test. In particular, those who are or could be pregnant should always refer to their physicians before using any essential oils.)

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