Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Time is Priceless...unless you wish to buy an 18th century pocket watch

Maker: Joseph Green, London, 1725
£1950 ($3255.23)
(Bloggers Update: August, 2015----Hmmmmm....something's amiss, here---all photos have disappeared. I must have used URLs which have since been removed from the Internet. Probably all the watches sold! Oh well, they do say TIME FLIES!!!)

In perusing the Internet for images of 18th century timepieces, I ran across a few sites which had the genuine articles for sale. Many of the clocks and watches are truly incredible in their beauty and ingeniousness of design and these sites prove that, contrary to popular belief, you really can buy time...if you have enough money that is. Check these out for yourself and see how some of our ancestors kept time. You will see from the photographs that often the interior workings of the pocket watches are even more elaborate and decorative than the more utilitarian faces. These appear to me as little secret gardens for the private pleasure of their owners. Perhaps you will see one you can't resist and will buy a little time of your own! You may find the following pocket watches for sale at:   (I've included the current US dollar exchange.) 

Green Interior

Maker:  Dufour, London, 1720
£2250 ($3756.04)

Dufour Interior

Maker: John Welldon, 1728
£3000 ($5008.05)

Welldon Outer Case

Welldon Inner Case

Welldon Interior

Maker: Spencer & Perkins, London, 1773
£3250 ($5425.39)

Spencer & Perkins Outer Case

Spencer & Perkins Interior

Maker: Wakelin & Taylor, London, 1790
£2950 ($4924.58)

Wakelin & Taylor Outer Case

Wakelin & Taylor Interior
(and, yes, that is a diamond!)

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